Live Performance Update

Due to the worldwide pandemic we are facing, all "in-person" productions and auditions have been suspended through March 31, 2021; unless in-person programming becomes possible by way of a vaccine or advanced data that indicates it is extremely safe to do so. We regret to also inform you that our annual production of "A Christmas Carol" has been canceled and will not be rescheduled for this season. 

In theatre we have a tradition that the ghost light burns at the center of the stage in times when the theatre is empty. The light protects and promises that artists of all kinds will return to the stage. It is a lovely reminder that indeed, this is all "only a matter of time" (Hamilton the musical). Our business is suffering, like all, right now. We will be back, and we will be strong. We will be there for you as we process these times through our art. Be kind. Be safe. We will see you soon again Detroit. 

For now, our ghost light is lit.